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Stop your tumblering for a moment !!!!


Hey, Hey !!! If you’re ever feeling down, I just found some really nice sites !!!

Go here to confess your thoughts without anyone seeing ! (Plus the words turn into stars when you’re done typing !! )

Go here to listen to some really nice music and calm yourself down with some nice messages !

Keep this for later. I like the music.

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So much rain tonight. Cold and windy. Just sat in it all night. Thinking.

I’m going to miss his laugh most of all

Hard not talking to him. I always reached out for him first.

Now I have to be strong. Be the bad guy.

Get distance. Gain perspective.

Maybe it was just a dream. Nothing was ever real. I don’t know what to think anymore. World is just grey. *shrugs*

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My beautiful daffodils. They’ve grown so much since I got them. Getting new baby flowers everyday. 

They make me happier then they probably should

Tired and feeling sick.
Someday I just want to not care anymore.

I’m starting to strongly feel things need space. I just want to watch.. And see

Maybe a friend mode is in order til things move forward and I have some proof.


Love, Advice, LDRs ♥
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